The best tattoo artist in Goa India, Moksha Tattoo Studio is a Professional, Hygenic and Safe Tattoo Studio in Calangute Goa, for the best tattoo result!

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Phone: + 91 9881773312

Our Precautions
The Studio takes utmost care that we prepare ourselves in every way to ensure the safety & hygiene of both our customer & the artiste. Listed below is the procedure we follow:

  • We use Autoclave to sterilize all out equipment.
  • New, high quality disposable needle are used for every tattoo.
  • Fresh ink caps for every tattoo.
  • Fresh disposable surgical gloves for every tattoo. In fact, if a break is taken during a session, the artiste changes his gloves before resuming.
  • We use only natural, organic ink that contains no chemicals.
  • Our studio is state-of-the-art studio with the latest equipment at our disposal provides a clean, sterilized environment to put our customers at ease.

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